Leonid Zvolinsky, Russian composer, multi-instrumentalist, the author of music to several movies, the co-author of a vocal and choreographic performance, the author of art music (symphonic, chamber, vocal). Leonid is the author of music of more than 100 songs and sets of arrangements in different musical styles. Besides it, Leonid is a sound producer that allows him to experiment not only with musical forms, but also with a sound.



X-SynapseL for alto recorder and live electronics is a piece about internal communication, distortions in the transmission of information, as well as the consequences when a critical number of errors accumulate as a result of such transformations. The attempt to find the original meanings generates a movement that inevitably goes further and further away. Premiere: January 22, 2020, Tokyo University of the Arts (Senju Campus) 


"Stream" for Hearing X. Link: http://hearing-x.ilab.ntt.co.jp/music_mi_stream.html


"The Dream of Flowers" for Hearing X. Link: http://hearing-x.ilab.ntt.co.jp/music_mi_the_dream_of_flowers.html


"Compliment" for Hearing X. Link: http://hearing-x.ilab.ntt.co.jp/music_mi_compliment.html


"Siren" for Hearing X. Link: http://hearing-x.ilab.ntt.co.jp/music_mi_siren.html