Leonid Zvolinsky, a composer, an arranger, a sound producer, multi-instrumentalist, who is not afraid to experiment and open the new sides of a sound.

He is the author of music to several movies, the co-author of a vocal and choreographic performance, the author of art music (symphonic, chamber, vocal), the founder more than 100 songs and the sets of arrangements in different musical styles.

Being one of the demanded composers and a musical expert, Leonid lives and works in Moscow, though his hometown is Ryazan. His first musical steps and success, which followed them, took place in this small town. When he was still a boy, he  became the winner of the First Award of the Regional Competition of "Young Composers".

When Leonid was 12, he moved to Moscow to master new musical forms, gain skills and knowledge under the sensitive guidance of the best teachers of the capital, and  working independently.

In 1999 he was admitted on a grant basis to a “Private School of Music" so called “Inspiration Sources" (composition course of Vladimir Dovgan). Then he entered the State Musical College of the Gnesins and graduated from it in 2008, studying the course "The Theory of Music" (composition course of Pyotr Klimov, but he also continued his course with Vladimir Dovgan too). The next step in his education was Moscow State Conservatory of P. I. Tchaikovsky (Composer faculty) from which Leonid graduated with “Honor Degree" in 2014. Leonid took the course of composition by Vladislav Agafonnikov and the course of instrumentation by Valery Kikta. Leonid’s Degree Program was performed by a symphonic orchestra (Conductor Roman Belyshev), soloists of Studio of New Music Ensemble (Artistic Director Vladimir Tarnopolsky), pianist Tisa Yosida.

In 2015 Leonid received the qualification of "Sound Engineering Audiovisual Arts", having completed the courses of Professional Retraining at the Institute of Television and Broadcasting of M. A. Litovchin in Moscow.

During vocational training Leonid Zvolinsky actively worked as a composer, arranger and sound producer at IQ-Sound Studio, and also continued his independent contracts. Over the past few years he created music to such movies as: "The vanishing voices" (2015, producer Y. Byvsheva), "Legends of Baikal" (2014, producer Y. Byvsheva), "Afterwards" (2013, producer. Y. Novich). He also wrote music to advertizing promos (for such brands as "Johnson&Johnson", "Caleo", "Cameya", etc.) for performances, cooperated as the author of music and the arranger with “Association of Actors of Taganka Theater“. Besides, on November 8, 2014 in the Rakhmaninovsky Hall of the Moscow Conservatory the premiere of scenes from a performance "Dzigokukhen took place: “History of one screen" within the XVI International Festival "The Soul of Japan", held with the assistance of the Japanese Fund, the Embassy of Japan and the Center of “Musical Culture of the World” at Moscow conservatory. At the performance there was a “sold out“ notice – the public hosted the performance very warmly. Leonid Zvolinsky was the author of the libretto, co-author of music, sound producer and co-producer.

Leonid Zvolinsky Composer

Leonid Zvolinsky:

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I am convinced that music – it's a lifestyle, and a musician is a mission. If you do not give all your soul to music, music will ‘hide“ some pearls from you too. Therefore, even in the rare hours of rest, I often do not leave music: I play the piano, guitar or other musical instruments such as flute, ethnic instruments of various nations of the world, such as bass or drums. I attend concerts or perform myself. In addition, I study the world of sound, do records. Tired of doing it, I prefer reading, walking outdoors, visiting various cultural events. I adore cinema. To write music for films is what makes me so overjoyed and blissful. I hardly draw the boundary between work and rest, because everything I'm doing at the moment, gives me great satisfaction and inspiration.

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